• TMZ | 10/20/2017 | Staff
    There's no grey area when it come to Jennifer Lopez's best asset, which was on full display Friday in NYC ... in yoga pants. J.Lo still had a glow to her leaving her SOHO gym, but you'd never notice...
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  • Juicy Ecumenism | 9/18/2017 | Mark Tooley
    Recently Duke Chapel at Duke University in North Carolina tweeted photos of yoga exercises on the floor of its majestic worship space as part of Healthy Duke Week of Wellness.
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  • Newsweek | 9/11/2001 | Greg Price
    Update | Turns out, someone wasn't trying to do a little downward dog in front of the White House! Two individuals were taken into Secret Service custody, and one was arrested, for throwing “unknown...
    527 views maye
  • | 9/4/2017 | Nicole Sands
    “You’re invited to a dog…” — that’s how every great story starts, and that’s definitely all someone needs to say to pet-tentially get me to attend any sort of event.
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  • Newsmax | 7/26/2017 | Staff
    A study of military veterans found that yoga effectively relieves back pain and reduces the use of opioids. For the study, 150 veterans were randomized, and those who were assigned to the yoga group...
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