• Cranach | 7/11/2018 | Staff
    Does your church offer multiple worship services, each with a different style? One traditional, one contemporary? Plus a children’s service? An option of contemporary services, with one featuring...
    330 views Arceus
  • @djchuang | 7/3/2018 | Staff
    A significant Asian American population worships weekly in over 7,000 churches, mostly in Asian languages, with some in English. One research approximates 42% of Asian Americans identify as...
    203 views Zorra
  • ChurchLeaders | 6/28/2018 | Staff
    I had the God-given dream of creating my first Kids’ Worship Night at the end of 2014, and I’ve written posts on my first couple of Kids’ Worship Nights, which you can take a look at here: Worship...
    438 views Pink_sakuragirl
  • ChurchLeaders | 6/25/2018 | Staff
    As I picture Jesus speaking to people in towns and on hillsides, I see families sitting together. Through scripture, I hear Him using everyday objects (bread, fish, sheep, etc.
    373 views echolea
  • The Aquila Report | 6/24/2018 | Staff
    God has placed us here in this time and place for a purpose, and our corporate worship should reflect that reality within the context of redemptive history. We are reformational, not revolutionary.
    1.4K views Tanya9
  • ChurchLeaders | 6/22/2018 | Staff
    Back in the 70’s and 80’s, when HDTV was just a dream, television programs were filled with commercials advertising music collections. This was also before Spotify and Pandora.
    585 views maye
  • The Aquila Report | 6/17/2018 | Staff
    Believers who come humbly are still amazed by God’s grace, and that off-key singer becomes a delight to their ears. No amount of liturgical excellence or failure can add or subtract from the work of...
    1.4K views cute16
  • canadafreepress.com | 6/14/2018 | Liberty Counsel
    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the “Place to Worship Initiative,” which will focus on protecting the ability of houses of worship and other religious...
    687 views xxlauzyxx
  • ChurchLeaders | 6/10/2018 | Staff
    In Groups that Thrive, Jim Egli and I didn’t ask how long the group worship lasted. We simply asked those taking the survey if worship through singing is a part of their normal meetings.
    553 views aniki
  • Adrian Warnock | 5/22/2018 | Staff
    Who or what do you worship? Yourself? Idea - Partner The idea of having a perfect partner? Money? Success Success? Power? Happiness Happiness? Jesus commands us to worship only God: John - Piper As...
    579 views AnnieFoxx
  • samluce.com | 5/2/2018 | Staff
    As a pastor one of the concerns I have surrounds what songs we sing in church and why we sing those songs in our churches. Most of the things we say about the songs we sing are founded in style.
    156 views reantes
  • ChurchMag | 5/3/2018 | Chris Wilson
    If there’s one app I have that has made more people think about getting an iPad than any other, it’s Onsong. Although there are many other apps for musicians, this one leads to my bandmates eying it...
    263 views JimmyJoe
  • samluce.com | 5/2/2018 | Staff
    As a pastor one of the concerns I have surrounds what songs we sing in church and why we sing those songs in our churches. Most of the things we say about the songs we sing are founded in style.
    334 views aniki
  • Orange Leaders | 4/30/2018 | Orange Leaders
    Orange Conference 2018 has concluded, but we’re still humming a lot of the songs we heard during worship in the main sessions. If you’re looking for a song that you heard, check the list below for...
    173 views morica
  • ChurchLeaders | 4/23/2018 | Staff
    There are people oblivious to the battle going on around us. The battle is for our peace, love, joy and worship. Everything in creation was made to glorify God. We were created to love, adore,...
    549 views marked
  • The Aquila Report | 4/22/2018 | Staff
    When we strangers and aliens gather as brothers and sisters under the banner of the gospel, we are rehearsing that glorious day when we will know as we are known, when our sin is vanquished and our...
    369 views DebraS
  • ChurchLeaders | 4/19/2018 | Staff
    Picking great songs for worship is one of the most important skills a worship leader needs to learn. There are many different kinds and levels of worship songs. Some songs are written about God,...
    571 views roxy2707
  • Desiring God | 4/16/2018 | Staff
    John Piper has distilled over thirty years of preaching experience into one book for the benefit of pastors and other Bible teachers. Building on the foundation laid by his previous two books, A...
    408 views katz1234
  • Desiring God | 11/12/2017 | John Piper
    Worship is being satisfied with all that God is for us in Jesus, which means the task of this preacher here and these lead worshipers over here, their task is to spread a banquet in lyrics and in...
    348 views bab_ohh
  • ChurchLeaders | 4/10/2018 | Staff
    There’s not a worship team on earth that hasn’t had to address this question. The tension is alive. What is the lifecycle of a worship leader or a musician? How old is too old? How young is too...
    373 views my_new_puppy
  • sharperiron.org | 4/11/2018 | Staff
    God created man for worship. Jesus declared that the Father is seeking worshippers who will worship Him “in spirit and truth” (John 4:23-24). Not surprisingly, the Shorter Catechism begins by...
    537 views aka1
  • ChurchTechToday | 4/6/2018 | Kevin Purcell
    EasyWorship 7 worship software shipped recently with a few new features and an attractive price for existing customers that already own version 6. Owners of MediaShout, Pro Presenter, Proclaim or...
    286 views madalina09
  • Jesus Creed | 4/2/2018 | Staff
    How are we to organize our Sunday worship time? What is most important during our worship services? You can measure what is most important by (1) what is done and (2) how much time is spent on what...
    726 views Kaliela101

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