• Popular Mechanics | 1/16/2018 | Sophie Weiner
    In 1965, Walt Disney began buying land for a new theme park in Florida. The success of Disneyland, and the subsequent sprawl of trashy businesses around it, made Disney aware of the potential for a...
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  • Rolling Stone | 1/14/2010 | Janet Reitman
    In March of last year, two months after the devastating earthquake that killed 300,000 Haitians and left more than a million homeless, Sean Penn was faced with a monumental challenge.
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  • WorldAtlas | 1/12/2018 | James Burton
    Sadly, recent years have seen the world become a more dangerous place. In the last seven years, there have been dramatic declines in safety and security in Africa, the Middle East, and all other...
    284 views gemini2323
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