• MakeUseOf | 7/15/2019 | Dan Price
    If you want a lightweight and portable way to stay productive when you’re on-the-go, tablets can be a vital tool in your tech armory. Although Apple and Android gadgets have traditionally dominated...
    496 views just-me
  • MakeUseOf | 7/11/2019 | Joe Keeley
    If you’ve come across the JAR file type online and wondered what it is, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a Java Archive file and here we’ll talk through what they contain and how to open them.
    169 views cyanbyte
  • CNET | 7/8/2019 | Oscar Gonzalez
    Take your computer back to the '80s. Microsoft tweeted about the release of Windows 1.0 last week, leaving many to wonder why exactly the software company was promoting its original operating system...
    137 views finter
  • MakeUseOf | 7/4/2019 | Dan Price
    A flash drive—also known as a thumb drive—is a data storage device. They are small, portable, and can connect with any computer or device that has a USB port. The drives earn their name from their...
    826 views smilingbear
  • MakeUseOf | 7/3/2019 | Gavin Phillips
    Microsoft is always adding new and exciting features to Windows 10. They don’t always work. Many don’t receive a great reception on arrival. However, the introduction of a Windows Sandbox...
    138 views MysticHeart
  • MakeUseOf | 6/27/2019 | Christian Cawley
    Windows tablets are becoming more popular. But if you’re looking for a bigger selection of apps, Android is the answer. While installing Android on a desktop PC is reasonably straightforward, you...
    179 views ashb0101
  • MakeUseOf | 6/21/2019 | Gavin Phillips
    Did you know that some Windows users pride themselves in stripping the operating system back? It’s true; creating a minute Windows installation package that you could store almost anywhere is the...
    806 views marked
  • MakeUseOf | 6/18/2019 | Ben Stegner
    While you probably don’t think much about the copy dialog in Windows, it arguably could be better in some ways. It isn’t always fast when you copy a large number of files.
    201 views ali11
  • MakeUseOf | 6/18/2019 | Dan Price
    Cool screensavers are a bit of a forgotten art form. That’s a shame; they can make your PC look awesome when it’s not in use. Alas, it’s time to put the best screensavers back under the microscope.
    605 views joyy
  • MakeUseOf | 6/17/2019 | Dan Price
    Are you a Windows user who’s wondering what the best antivirus is for Windows 10? It can get confusing; there are many options out there. How can you decide which Windows antivirus to use? We’re...
    546 views kimberly163
  • MakeUseOf | 6/12/2019 | Gavin Phillips
    Have you ever found a piece of amazing software, only to realize it is Mac-only? With such a vast range of software available for Windows machines, it is a rarity.
    462 views hey13

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