• ScienceDaily | 11/8/2018 | Staff
    Until now, models have not fully taken the effect of external turbulences into account. In a recent study published in EPJ B, Michal Hnatič from Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia and colleagues...
    127 views Firefang
  • phys.org | 6/20/2018 | Staff
    Most of us have an understanding of what atmospheric turbulence is – nauseating plane movement is hard to forget. But turbulence is all around us: not just in the air, but also in water, and even in...
    494 views Mireille
  • First Things | 6/1/2004 | George Weigel
    If there’s anything Catholics in the United States should have learned over the past two decades, it’s that order—in the world, the republic, and the Church—is a fragile thing.
    188 views stefania
  • Zero Hedge | 3/21/2018 | Staff
    U.S. Treasury securities across the maturity spectrum are reaching yield resistance levels that have proven for decades to be extremely valuable to investors engaged in technical analysis.
    127 views blockstyle
  • phys.org | 1/9/2018 | Staff
    An algorithm that improves simulations of turbulent flows by enabling the accurate calculation of a parameter called skin friction has been developed by KAUST researchers in collaboration with...
    520 views Omnista

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