• The Daily Signal | 2/18/2020 | Staff
    Dennis Prager is a columnist for The Daily Signal, nationally syndicated radio host, and creator of PragerU. In the latest edition of “The Rubin Report” podcast, two people I adore, commentators...
    787 views princia
  • Zero Hedge | 2/11/2020 | Staff
    Every once in a while the truth shines through and we got a few doses of it today. Recently critics who suggested that the Fed’s QE policies artificially elevate asset prices were dismissed as QE...
    537 views joyy
  • Community in Mission | 2/9/2020 | Staff
    One of the problems with modern Western culture is the tendency to prioritize feelings and emotions over truth and reason. This has infected the Church as well; not offending often takes precedence...
    360 views dorkyrocker
  • Adrian Warnock | 2/10/2020 | Staff
    Good worship is really a form of prayer. This has been a relatively recent revelation to me. I am talking about worship as in singing songs of adoration and praise to God.
    444 views megzmegz123
  • www.frontpagemag.com | 2/7/2020 | Staff
    In Israel’s early years, every time the U.S. ambassador traveled to Jerusalem to meet with government leaders, he would have his chauffeur stop his car at the entrance to the city, and replace its...
    766 views InLove4567
  • Wired | 1/24/2024 | Josh Wilbur
    Life in a nightmarish dystopia isn’t all bad. For Winston Smith, the tragic everyman of George Orwell’s 1984, the “greatest pleasure in life” is his work at the Ministry of Truth, where lies are...
    289 views fofo
  • www.churchmilitant.com | 1/28/2020 | Staff
    You are not signed in as a Premium user; we rely on Premium users to support our news reporting. Sign in or Sign up today! Bad philosophy leads to bad theology. We've been seeing the fruit of bad...
    438 views springergirl77
  • E! Online | 1/26/2020 | Staff
    Also a little confusing to fans was Tyler, the Creator's one nomination, Best Rap Album, for Igor—which debuted at No. 1 and was a critical darling. And, according to some, is barely a rap album,...
    513 views entengo
  • Reason.com | 1/3/1943 | David R. Henderson
    "The issue of wealth and income inequality, to my mind, is the greatest moral issue of our time," said presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.). Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich...
    431 views pixielilia
  • Tim Challies | 1/20/2020 | Staff
    This week the blog is sponsored by Southern Seminary and was written by R. Albert Mohler Jr, who invites you to download your free copy of Truths You Can Trust. Not too long ago, I was able to visit...
    320 views Kaliela101

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