• TVOvermind | 9/14/2017 | Wake
    First of all, why are the eyes in anything associated with Tim Burton so huge and sad? Each character looks like they’re about two steps away from throwing themselves from a balcony while bemoaning...
    495 views stefania
  • | 9/13/2017 | Lindsay Macdonald
    Now that the well has run dry for new Game of Thrones episodes, it's time to turn our eyes to the future and final season. Since the show is back in production, spoilers can and will start leaking...
    319 views morica
  • TVOvermind | 9/11/2017 | Wake
    We’ve seen the Game of Thrones cast do some incredible things throughout the last seven seasons. But imagining them in the Olympics is kind of funny and in some cases downright mean.
    443 views TaylorShaye
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