• TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    A lot of people are Kanye West supporters and to be honest they have every right to be. He’s a very successful person and has done a lot in his time as a star. There are many reasons though why some...
    421 views jacensolo775
  • TVOvermind | 5/13/2018 | Rick Wallace
    For anime fans, the distinction between animation considered authentic anime and traditional animation is obvious. Even if you have ever watched some of the more popular and mainstream anime series...
    323 views lukea
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Nat Berman
    Richard Gabai is a veteran of Film, Television, and the LA Rock Scene with a very diverse body of work. He just wrapped “A Gingerbread Romance” which premiers December 16th on The Hallmark Channel.
    401 views marked
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    Emilia Clarke is another surprise character that seemed to come out of nowhere and simply mystified people at the same time she was enchanting them. Since her meteoric rise, and it’s been just that...
    649 views Nighty
  • TVOvermind | 5/13/2018 | Rick Wallace
    When it comes to anime creations, Sumarai Champloo is considered one of the greatest all time. If you are not a true anime fan, this read may be a little slow for you, but if you are an anime fan,...
    271 views boti
  • TVOvermind | 5/13/2018 | Nat Berman
    Nichijou is one of the more unique Japanese manga series that you might ever be fortunate enough to run across. Aside from the fact that it is in the same genre as all of the other manga and anime...
    336 views echolea
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    It would be very easy to classify Bella Thorne as a ‘girly girl’ since she does seem to strike one as not vapid but very into fashion and the kind of things that women seem to be more knowledgeable...
    218 views princia
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    These days you might feel one way or another about Katy Perry since she’s changed quite a bit since first coming on the scene. She’s the same person she’s been for a long time but it’s obvious that...
    456 views Tanya9
  • TVOvermind | 5/13/2018 | Judy Greenlees
    Though much is made of the bizarre nature of Pop Team Epic, and though its pop culture parodies, absurdities, surrealism, exaggeration and non-sequitur have contributed much to its cult popularity...
    137 views kims
  • Townhall | 12/9/2018 | Staff
    Liberals are now suffering under the heel of the monster they created to attack the rest of us just trying to mind our own business, and it’s a beautiful thing. But it’s also really sad and a sign...
    813 views iloveangie02
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    A person like Matt Lauer is bound to gain great respect and earn a lot of detractors in his time since speaking in public and having a strong opinion about anything, even if you’re supposed to be...
    1.7K views Mkgirlz
  • TVOvermind | 2/16/2016 | Tom
    Unless you’re one of the many that have found games like Runescape inviting and entirely capable of making the real world slip away as you delve into the fantasy of the whole thing there’s a good...
    1.4K views moni
  • TVOvermind | 5/13/2018 | Nat Berman
    RWBY is a web series that has managed to secure a surprising measure of popularity. In short, it is centered on super-powered fighters called Huntsmen and Huntresses who protect civilization from...
    682 views elio25
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    If you don’t know who Emma Watson is by now then there’s a good chance you’ve been living under a rock or in a dark cave for the last decade or more since she’s only one of the most famous young...
    265 views jolan
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