• WIRED | 12/13/2017 | Lily Hay Newman
    All software has flaws, no matter how carefully you vet it. So the question isn't how to write perfect code, but how to respond to mistakes as you find them. And while Apple has earned a strong...
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  • Business Insider | 8/27/2017 | Russ Koesterich, The BlackRock Blog
    One of the more unique aspects of this year’s market is that both risky assets as well as investments that seek to hedge those risks are advancing simultaneously.
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  • Newsmax | 1/1/2018 | Staff
    California has encountered multiple setbacks concerning its new firearm restrictions, prompting delays and leaving certain measures up in the air, The Washington Free Beacon reports.
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  • Breitbart | 4/18/2017 | Staff
    Goldman Sachs first-quarter trading results fell far short of Wall Street’s expectations even as rivals reported a strong quarter. Investors had expected a strong quarter for Goldman, regarded by...
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