• TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Throughout the lifetime of this show a lot of people have either tried to avoid it or have firmly embraced it as one of the funniest and most engaging kids’ shows on TV.
    604 views gracey
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    There are two major directions that country artists seem to travel in when it comes to trying to get famous, either to Nashville or to California. Jon Pardi traveled east to Nashville in order to...
    1.1K views Fubu_chik
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    The music industry is currently bringing up a lot of individuals to fame and fortune and Luke Combs is just one of many that has been fortunate enough to see his hard work and effort pay off.
    346 views madalina09
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    If not for an elbow injury that kind of derailed any hope that he might one day be a pro-baseball player Brett Young might not have become a country singer at all.
    569 views srqlolo
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Korn is a band that really had to work get noticed since honestly their name on its own is kind of dumb and wouldn’t really attract a crowd. But once you listen to their music and associate it with...
    263 views pixielilia
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Kane Brown is the kind of guy you look at and wonder at least in part about his ethnicity, but you stop caring when you hear his voice. He’s got an amazing sound that puts him above many others when...
    453 views aka1
  • Mail Online | 12/10/2018 | Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline
    City frogs have to work harder than their rural peers to find a mate, according to experts. Male tungara frogs in built-up areas produce more complex and 'sexier' mating displays to impress females.
    282 views hoppers911
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    If you can remember when Train started getting big you might have been in middle or high school and you are officially getting old. Just kidding, but the band did form in 1993, the original band,...
    285 views Matty123
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Rita Ora is one of those individuals that does a little bit of everything but does one thing particularly well, and that’s singing. She has a voice that’s rather impressive and allows her to be one...
    254 views Mijac
  • Godspacelight | 12/6/2018 | Staff
    When I posed the question “What song bubbles up within your heart at this season?” I got a number of responses. Most of them were Christmas rather than Advent songs, so I thought I would list some...
    776 views Claw987
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    However you feel about boy bands and what they’ve done to or for music, One Direction has been one of the more successful groups throughout their history and have been loved and adored by many upon...
    678 views camkizzle
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Some folks don’t think much of Christian contemporary music but if you really listen it’s not all that bad. Bands like MercyMe have just as good a sound as any other group and in truth their message...
    373 views DanRules394
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