• First Things | 1/18/2018 | Mark Bauerlein
    Bruce Cole died on January 8. He was 79 years old. People know of Bruce because he led the National Endowment for the Humanities during the George W. Bush administration, the longest tenure of any...
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  • Anxious Bench | 6/7/2017 | David Swartz
    It’s good to be back at the Anxious Bench after a spring semester hiatus. As guests published a series of terrific posts in my place, I read them from Thailand, where my family and I spent over two...
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  • Biblical Archaeology Society | 4/30/2017 | Staff
    Danger: Biblical Scholar at Work. Ronald S. Hendel (Berkeley) satirically suggests that a caution label be placed on his books—and perhaps those of other Biblical scholars—to warn readers that they...
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