• Variety | 1/27/2020 | Amy Nicholson
    Inventor Nikolai Tesla is more popular today than when he died penniless in a New York hotel in 1943. Back then, he was the futurist who swore he could summon unlimited, clean, wireless...
    64 views echolea
  • Variety | 1/27/2020 | Dennis Harvey
    Actress Romola Garai makes a distinctive feature directorial debut with “Amulet,” even if this upscale horror drama is ultimately more impressive in the realm of style than substance.
    77 views HelloimMe
  • Variety | 2/7/2020 | Jessica Kiang
    A funny thing happens about a third of the way into “Horse Girl,” Jeff Baena’s fourth Sundance feature after “Life After Beth,” “Joshy” and “The Little Hours.” Or rather, a funny thing stops...
    101 views kimberly163
  • Variety | 1/25/2019 | Amy Nicholson
    Brooklyn couple Su (Sunita Mani) and Jack (John Reynolds) have several plans to salvage their lives. Go vegetarian, plant a garden, make sourdough bread, and above all, quit the internet addiction...
    555 views sally140353
  • Variety | 1/27/2020 | Peter Debruge
    At the risk of overselling Edson Oda’s ultra-original, meaning-of-life directorial debut, there’s a big difference between “Nine Days” and pretty much every other film ever made.
    571 views katz1234
  • Variety | 1/21/2020 | Daniel D'Addario
    Late in the film “Lance,” a documentary that depicts the ascent and the crash of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, the subject recalls the disappearance of his lucrative sponsorships.
    433 views marika
  • Variety | 1/22/2020 | Dennis Harvey
    A small town already down on its luck receives a few fresh kicks in “The Evening Hour.” Based on Carter Sickels’ 2012 novel, this second narrative feature from director Braden King is more...
    212 views bungienet
  • Variety | 1/25/2019 | Jessica Kiang
    There are small, telling differences in the way each of the three long-separated main characters in “Farewell Amor” remembers the day of their reunion. Standing at JFK, awkwardly clutching a bunch...
    695 views maddyb7
  • Variety | 1/26/2020 | Guy Lodge
    You can do anything with a face on screen these days, whether it’s shaving decades off with a digital scalpel or deepfaking it into unrecognizable oblivion. Usually this wizardry has the air of a...
    370 views jolan
  • Variety | 1/16/2020 | Tomris Laffly
    Here’s a challenge: Watch the opening moments of “The Truffle Hunters” and try not to fall hard for the immediate flavors of joy it spreads. With a breathtaking Northern Italy setting that teases...
    522 views ridge-kh
  • Variety | 1/17/2020 | Nick Schager
    When is a cartoon frog not just a cartoon frog? When he’s Pepe, the brainchild of artist Matt Furie, who in 2005 created the laid-back anthropomorphic amphibian for a comic about post-collegiate...
    813 views urbanpatriot
  • Variety | 1/26/2020 | Peter Debruge
    All work and no play makes Rory O’Hara a dull boy — which is to say, one can scarcely overlook the connections between Sean Durkin’s subtly unsettling second feature, “The Nest,” and Stanley...
    1.2K views gbabii05
  • Variety | 1/26/2020 | Dennis Harvey
    A knack for creepy atmospherics and individual scares goes a long way in the horror genre, and it takes “The Night House” pretty far. Though this tale of a new widow’s apparent haunting gets...
    957 views tiffcourt011
  • Variety | 2/14/2020 | Owen Gleiberman
    Pete (Will Ferrell) and Billie (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) are a prosperous American couple who’ve taken their two sons on a ski vacation to the Alps. Are they having fun yet? That’s a question that...
    733 views brunodeuce44
  • Variety | 1/25/2019 | Jessica Kiang
    It didn’t seem like there was a large portion of the movie-going population who felt that Todd Phillips’ “Joker” was too subtle, in either its commentary on the modern era of those who are...
    300 views Claw987
  • Variety | 1/25/2020 | Dennis Harvey
    Louise Osmond’s 2015 Sundance audience winner “Dark Horse” was one of those documentaries that played like a crowdpleasing fiction, its real-life tale of underdog triumph had such a conventionally...
    841 views lukea
  • Variety | 1/26/2020 | Owen Gleiberman
    In “The Glorias,” Julie Taymor’s pinpoint timely yet rousingly old-fashioned biopic about the life and times of Gloria Steinem, the legendary feminist leader is portrayed by four different actresses...
    268 views jster97
  • Variety | 1/26/2020 | Peter Debruge
    The world is a weird place. Miranda July knows that, but the rest of us sometimes forget. Or maybe we just don’t want to admit how bizarre it is that society more or less agrees that back rubs and...
    2K views Cocoa_Candy12
  • Variety | 4/17/2020 | Dennis Harvey
    Given that the entertainment industry is pretty much the center of the #MeToo universe in terms of generating its most public effects — and, needless to say, causes — probably no Sundance film this...
    899 views crazycool12
  • Variety | 1/25/2020 | Owen Gleiberman
    Yet even as the addiction memoir became one of the most popular forms of our time, the addiction movie has struggled to catch on. There aren’t a lot of great ones, and most of them (like, recently,...
    788 views jolan
  • Variety | 1/25/2020 | Caroline Framke
    As both Hillary Clinton and the team behind “Hillary” know very well, it’s nigh impossible at this point for someone to approach her with total objectivity. Throughout her life, Clinton has been a...
    814 views yana.boo
  • Variety | 1/25/2020 | Amy Nicholson
    Miserable parents Adrienne (Sienna Miller) and Matteo (Diego Luna) can’t afford therapy. Instead, Adrienne settles for a free Date Night, a casual party that only reminds the couple of their...
    708 views Goobee
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