• The Aquila Report | 7/18/2018 | Staff
    Has Rome’s doctrine really changed? Have the differences between confessional Protestants and Rome really evaporated? Is the cultural crisis so great that Protestants should set aside their...
    587 views mel4
  • Variety | 7/20/2018 | Dennis Harvey
    One of the loopier careers in and on the fringes of mainstream Hollywood is paid loving tribute in Steve Mitchell’s documentary “King Cohen.” There’s nothing particularly inspired about Mitchell’s...
    184 views urbanpatriot
  • Variety | 7/17/2018 | Caroline Framke
    Facebook Watch’s latest bid to keep your attention for longer than it takes for a puppy to climb stairs is “Sacred Lies,” a dark and blunt adaptation of Stephanie Oakes’ YA novel, which in turn is...
    408 views bungienet
  • Blog & Mablog | 7/17/2018 | Douglas Wilson
    And I hardly ever use exclamation marks. As regular readers here know, I periodically review books chapter by chapter. We are now in the process of making those reviews available to you in ebook...
    221 views red815
  • Variety | 7/20/2018 | Owen Gleiberman
    “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” the perfectly titled sequel to “Mamma Mia!” (it opens 10 years to the week after the first film), kicks off on a bubbly high. It’s 1979, and Donna, the free-spirited...
    341 views entengo
  • Variety | 7/16/2018 | Caroline Framke
    It was hard to know how “Orange is the New Black” would — or could — come back after its fifth season, which was as ambitious as it was ultimately disastrous. The show became as scattered and...
    231 views catcrazy24
  • Variety | 7/14/2018 | Daniel D'Addario
    Sacha Baron Cohen feels like the ultimate George W. Bush-era comedy star. The early-to-mid-2000s, after all, were when Baron Cohen enjoyed his high point of fame, when TV’s “Da Ali G Show” and the...
    397 views srqlolo
  • hrtapps.com | 7/12/2018 | Staff
    I’ve been using Mac laptops for a long time, going back to the very first portable Apple ever made, so I was really excited when Apple sent me a new MacBook Pro to test and review.
    396 views loranseen
  • Variety | 7/13/2018 | Dennis Harvey
    “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is purportedly the most-produced of all the Bard’s plays, but neither that nugget nor its cinematically friendly fantasy elements has done it many favors on film.
    297 views elio25
  • Variety | 7/9/2018 | Andrew Barker
    Matthew Ross’ “Siberia” is the rare film involving diamond smuggling, international intrigue, double-crosses and Russian gangsters that might have actually been better off jettisoning all of those...
    395 views catcrazy24
  • Variety | 7/11/2018 | Daniel D'Addario
    The fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, may be one of the most bedeviled in all of American letters, absorbing trauma after trauma before resiliently cropping up for more punishment the next time...
    587 views ridge-kh
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