• phys.org | 12/7/2018 | Staff
    The first book to take in 3,000 years of baby-making shows how women functioned as "vessels" in early ideas of creation, until the ancient Greeks established theories of "dual contribution—whether...
    125 views jenny1246
  • phys.org | 10/9/2018 | Staff
    Females of a socially monogamous passerine, the Japanese great tit (Parus minor), become more promiscuous after hatchings fail in the first breeding attempt—apparently attempting to ensure...
    311 views marisha
  • ScienceDaily | 8/2/2018 | Staff
    Hokkaido University researchers have developed a technique that allows them to track chromosomes during egg production in dojo loach Misgurnus anguillicaudatus. The study uncovered how female clones...
    209 views Celtics2212
  • phys.org | 1/31/2018 | Staff
    As we swelter through the hot Australian summer, Western Sydney University researchers have provided an insight into the broad ranging physiological effects of summer heatwaves on animals.
    168 views k.collazi
  • ScienceDaily | 3/31/2017 | Staff
    In studies done a decade apart, evidence shows a recent shift toward a slower progression to sexual maturity as well as reduced egg production, especially among young, small female red snapper, in...
    225 views emily.funkymonkey
  • ScienceDaily | 3/7/2017 | Staff
    The findings represent a case of 'behavioural immunity' in response to bacterial infection: in addition to triggering conventional antibacterial weaponry, fruit flies use nerve cell signalling...
    128 views Aavy
  • phys.org | 1/30/2017 | Staff
    The growth of bacteria can be stimulated by antibiotics, scientists at the University of Exeter have discovered. The EPSRC-funded researchers exposed E.coli bacteria to eight rounds of antibiotic...
    657 views KimmyPoo
  • ScienceDaily | 1/30/2017 | Staff
    The EPSRC-funded researchers exposed E.coli bacteria to eight rounds of antibiotic treatment over four days and found the bug -- which can cause severe stomach pain, diarrhea and kidney failure in...
    485 views JimmyJoe
  • Cranach | 12/6/2016 | Gene Veith
    Peter Leithart gives a splendid reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 3, in which he is trying to persuade his “fair young friend” (contrary to the homosexual readings of the sonnets) to get married and...
    172 views Tanya9

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