• TVLine | 2/19/2020 | Kimberly Roots
    Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d type: I have heard a taco sing, and its song was sweet. But such thoughts were commonplace as The Masked Singer brought out a new group of contestants in...
    444 views moni
  • TVLine | 2/12/2020 | Dave Nemetz
    Need to catch up? Read our previous Riverdale recap here. The Ides of March have arrived on Riverdale — and if you know your Shakespeare, you know that date means very bad things for one character.
    495 views Sugar12
  • TVLine | 2/6/2020 | Charlie Mason
    Not since Season 12’s “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” has Grey’s Anatomy dished out a meal as tense as the one in Thursday’s “The Last Supper.” Jackson and Maggie thought they’d be sitting down to a...
    399 views catcrazy24
  • Variety | 2/5/2020 | Haley Kluge
    SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the sixth episode of “The Bachelor” Season 24. The ten remaining women headed to Santiago! Episode - Peter - Weber - Season - Bachelor The...
    455 views EGFZE
  • TVLine | 2/5/2020 | Kimberly Roots
    It really is a pity: All of those woolly legs, yet not one left to stand on when it came to the elimination on this week’s The Masked Singer. Yep, Llama got the boot at the end of Wednesday’s...
    174 views dorkyrocker
  • TVLine | 2/2/2020 | Kimberly Roots
    Clear eye(hole)s, full hearts, can’t lose! The Masked Singer Season 3 premiere followed Super Bowl LIV Sunday — a touchdown of a lead-in if ever there was one — and got the latest iteration of the...
    547 views boti
  • TVLine | 1/30/2020 | Charlie Mason
    Bad news travelled slowly in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. Two months after Maggie quit Grey Sloan (kidding — I know it’s only been days in Grey’s time!), Richard learned that his daughter had traded...
    417 views melanie7
  • TVLine | 1/29/2020 | Dave Nemetz
    Need to catch up? Read our previous Riverdale recap here. Gripped by “quiz show fever,” Betty ruthlessly drills Veronica, Cheryl and Toni to get them ready to take on Stonewall.
    600 views echolea
  • TVLine | 1/26/2020 | Nick Caruso
    HBO’s The Outsider is one tough nut to crack, something Holly Gibney quickly learns on this week’s episode. While she scores some much-needed time with key sources of the spooky saga, she treads...
    363 views ElizabethLeigh008
  • TVLine | 1/26/2020 | Kimberly Roots
    Has there ever been a Power character more slippery than Rashad Tate? In light of the way things play out in this week’s episode, I’d argue that the answer is no: Dude slides out of so many...
    290 views vegdancer18

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