• ScienceDaily | 9/17/2019 | Staff
    In a study published in Scientific Reports, Jhamandas and his team found two short peptides, or strings of amino acids, that when injected into mice with Alzheimer's disease daily for five weeks,...
    478 views Coraav
  • Townhall | 8/9/2019 | Staff
    "No candidate received a polling bump as a result of the Detroit debates," writes Morning Consult analyst Anthony Patterson this week. That's a big disappointment for the dozen or more candidates...
    516 views Lord
  • phys.org | 8/9/2018 | Staff
    When observed with the unaided eye, Omega Centauri, the object in this image, appears as a fuzzy, faint star. But the blue orb we see here is, in fact, a collection of stars—10 million of them.
    355 views kyleisawesome123
  • phys.org | 2/3/2011 | Staff
    The Carlin-type gold deposits in Nevada, U.S., are the origin of five percent of the global production and 75 percent of the U.S. production of gold. In these deposits, gold does not occur in the...
    130 views blockstyle
  • earthsky.org | 3/2/2019 | Paul Scott Anderson
    Artist’s illustration of Neptune and its smallest known moon, Hippocamp. Image via ESA/Hubble/NASA/L. Calçada. The origin of Neptune’s smallest known moon – Hippocamp – has been a mystery since this...
    1.5K views urbanagirl3
  • Church Stage Design Ideas | 1/18/2019 | Staff
    Donna Lewis from Seneca Community Church in Romulus, NY brings us this window design. From Donna: We started by acquiring old windows. The best are ones with several panes (6, 8, more) which adds...
    596 views kshama-s
  • Parent Cue | 9/13/2010 | Reggie Joiner
    I had an interesting conversation a while back with a nineteen-year-old girl, Jen, who worked at a restaurant next to our offices. It’s a restaurant our staff frequents, so we’ve had quite a few...
    381 views TitanSwimr

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