• WIRED | 10/24/2017 | Rob Portman
    It is a stain on our national character that sex trafficking is increasing in this country, in this century, and experts say it is happening because of the internet and the ruthless efficiency of...
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  • | 8/8/2017 | Staff
    I can still remember with perfect clarity the moment I read the news about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was out for a walk with my young daughter. I felt physically sick to my stomach...
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  • Newsmax | 6/12/2017 | Staff
    Just one dose of an experimental Zika vaccine provided mice with 100 percent protection against a potentially lethal dose of the virus, researchers report. The quick spread of the Zika virus and its...
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  • ScienceDaily | 3/8/2017 | Staff
    Researchers funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) have now investigated the mechanism underlying the "farmhouse effect," which indicates that children who grow up on a farm are less...
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  • | 3/1/2017 | Staff
    Organic farmers have to make hard choices between protecting soil from erosion and controlling weeds. For example, large-scale organic farming relies heavily on tillage.
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