• The Federalist | 2/27/2020 | Kyle Shideler
    There is always a temptation in politics, and indeed in all human life, to reduce people to symbolic representations. Storytelling — or, if you prefer the D.C. swamp lingo, “the narrative” — remains...
    352 views abbycraig
  • Collider | 2/25/2020 | Tom Reimann
    No, the reason to get excited is because Stanley’s new film is an adaptation of one of famed horror author H.P. Lovecraft’s most iconic stories. It’s also one of the very few film adaptations of...
    308 views red815
  • Red Letter Christians | 2/25/2020 | Tim Otto
    If a purpose of Lent is repentance, then the church—divided, shallow, not known for its love—could use a good Lent. Unfortunately, we practice Lent in such private ways that our Lenten season is...
    824 views hakimi308
  • phys.org | 2/23/2020 | Staff
    Flying somewhere over the planet, there's a plane equipped with research-grade, double-sided tape on the outside of its hull. Each time the pilot lands the plane, he removes the tape, seals it in a...
    1.1K views rach-rach
  • phys.org | 2/7/2020 | Staff
    How do frontline employees in retail react to and handle situations where the customer ignores them and instead looks at their mobile phone? This has been studied by researchers Markus Fellesson,...
    413 views bab_ohh
  • Townhall | 2/18/2020 | Staff
    Let me start by saying I have no idea what anyone would find appealing about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Then again, I’m not a left-wing Democrat desperate to beat Donald Trump, so...
    360 views sheenabeanna
  • The Daily Signal | 2/14/2020 | Staff
    James Jay Carafano, a leading expert in national security and foreign policy challenges, is The Heritage Foundation’s vice president for foreign and defense policy studies, E. W.
    456 views Coraav
  • Wired | 2/12/2020 | Matt Burgess, WIRED UK
    Plenty of online ads are terrible. Websites are often filled with intrusive ads that make getting to the actual content twice as hard. Amongst the worst offenders: autoplay video ads that start...
    495 views morica
  • Wired | 2/7/2020 | Steven Levy
    “I’m not doing this for the money,” he said. “I have more money than I can ever, hopefully, even give away in my lifetime. And I’m certainly not doing it for my ego. I’m doing it because I love it.
    628 views lukea

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