• Mary DeMuth | 10/21/2017 | Staff
    When there is abuse of power, things get wonky. And wrong. We’ve had this experience before, haven’t we? A high profile person, a man in power, who demeans, abuses, coerces, silences and...
    146 views penaert
  • Rare | 11/15/2017 | Bonnie Kristian
    The allegations and evidence against Senate candidate Roy Moore are piling up to the point of indefensibility. To the Washington Post’s extensively sourced story accusing him of misconduct toward...
    338 views magiccastle
  • Business Insider | 11/14/2017 | Caroline Cakebread
    The way it's been covered, you might think that Russia's alleged attempt to manipulate last year's US presidential election was the only time such an online propaganda campaign has ever been waged.
    249 views norma
  • Business Insider | 11/9/2017 | Steve Kovach and Skye Gould
    The iPhone X has a new screen size and shape. Some apps haven't updated for the new screen yet. Many that have been updated still look awkward. As a device, Apple's new iPhone X is a home run.
    266 views superdudea
  • Sparta Report | 11/7/2017 | Staff
    In my widely acclaimed post titled Let’s Do the Math on Electric Cars, I estimated that it would take about 28% more available electric power in the power grid to convert the entire country to...
    353 views Caris
  • New York Post | 11/6/2017 | Staff
    Another day, another potentially illegal leak from special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury investigating Russian election meddling. NBC News reported Monday that Mueller has “gathered enough...
    558 views srqlolo
  • | 11/3/2017 | Staff
    It is said that the markets will test a new Fed Chair early on and judging by the fact that financial conditions just tumbled to their 'easiest' in 24 years - despite four rate hikes - Jerome Powell...
    196 views cindy95240
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