• Popular Science | 5/2/2019 | Staff
    To study silicon cycling, University of Antwerp biologist Jonas Schoelynck and his colleagues analyzed samples from the Mara River, which runs through the Maasai Mara National Reserve, a savannah in...
    491 views jolan
  • Smithsonian | 11/17/2016 | Follow @jasondaley608
    The fight against climate change has led to some strange discoveries: researchers recently found that feeding cows seaweed could reduce the methane content of their burps, others have suggested that...
    349 views Traight
  • Live Science | 1/22/2019 | Staff
    Giant soil mounds in the grasslands of Colombia and Venezuela alternate with deep pits in the ground, and the mounds were formerly thought to be the result of erosion or termite activity.
    194 views morica
  • CNET | 11/20/2018 | Bonnie Burton
    The Australian burrowing animals called wombats are the only creatures who have feces in the shape of cubes. The reasons behind the unusual appearance of their poo have baffled scientists over the...
    247 views urbanpatriot

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