• phys.org | 5/4/2018 | Staff
    When MIT launched the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing this fall, one of the goals was to drive further innovation in computing across all of MIT's schools.
    404 views kshama-s
  • phys.org | 10/14/2013 | Staff
    It's not every day that clues about the origin of our solar system fall from the sky, but one Victoria University of Wellington researcher has found just that—in a meteorite that collided with Earth...
    242 views ashb0101
  • creation.com | 9/3/2019 | Russell Grigg
    The planets are young: 4 We continue our response to the 2019 BBC-TV series The Planets, narrated by Professor Brian Cox. In this article we are considering the fourth episode, titled Life beyond...
    231 views HelloimMe
  • creation.com | 8/14/2019 | Russell Grigg
    In May and June 2019, the BBC TV showed British audiences a five-episode series about our solar system, narrated by Professor Brian Cox and titled The Planets. It was aired in Australia by...
    267 views maye
  • earthsky.org | 8/11/2019 | Paul Scott Anderson
    Artist’s concept of a snowball planet, with its surface completely or almost completely covered in ice. Image via NASA/AGU/GeoSpace. When it comes to searching for life outside the solar system – at...
    829 views Pumpkinajn
  • phys.org | 6/24/2019 | Staff
    Uncertainty in science is a good thing. Because here's how the scientific model works: you observe a phenomenon, then form a hypothesis about why that phenomenon is taking place, then test the...
    555 views Tanya9
  • phys.org | 6/27/2019 | Staff
    NASA's newest planet-hunting satellite has discovered a type of planet missing from our own solar system. Launched in 2018, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, has found three new...
    303 views marisha

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