• Mail Online | 11/4/2018 | Dailymail.com Reporter
    Two planes collided mid-air over Canada on Sunday morning. Ottawa police said two small aircraft struck each other in Carp, Ontario around 10.11am. Planes - Field - Carp - Airport - Ottawa One of...
    1 view tingting2000
  • Popular Science | 11/2/2018 | Staff
    Thrust is when an object is pushed forward with force. Planes use their jet engines to achieve thrust: the engines suck in air, compress it, mix it with gas, and ignite the mixture it in a burst of...
    511 views shankay
  • phys.org | 9/26/2018 | Staff
    A team of international scientists has discovered why brown tree snakes have become one of the most successful invasive species. The research team, led by University of Queensland scientists, has...
    816 views aniki
  • ScienceDaily | 9/26/2018 | Staff
    The research team, led by University of Queensland scientists, has been studying why a type of cat-eyed snake has been so effective at devastating native bird populations on the island of Guam.
    493 views j.moomin
  • Rare | 9/24/2018 | Rob Fox
    Did somebody accidentally buy a congressman tickets in coach instead of first class? Congress is considering ordering the Federal Aviation Administration to mandate that airlines increase the amount...
    266 views jesse456
  • Zero Hedge | 9/11/2018 | Staff
    Has anyone else found all those planes full of sick people rather alarming? If you aren’t familiar with this, let me enlighten you with a look at all the quarantined flights (and one that probably...
    422 views marika
  • TechCrunch | 9/6/2018 | Staff
    Don’t call Wingly the “Uber of the Sky” — Wingly co-fonder Emeric de Waziers would like to nip that little misinterpretation in the bud as the French startup looks to expand into the U.S.
    218 views HelloimMe
  • phys.org | 7/11/2018 | Staff
    Airbus announced Tuesday a deal to sell US airline JetBlue 60 airplanes that were formerly part of Canadian manufacturer Bombardier's C series. It was the first contract since the aircraft were...
    307 views iVchan

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