• sharperiron.org | 2/25/2020 | Staff
    Read Part 1. When we examine the clear New Covenant passage in Jeremiah 31:31ff, we see that verses 31 and 32 name Israel and Judah as parties. We see also that it concerns the future (“the days are...
    685 views sheenabeanna
  • reasonmclucus.blogspot.com | 2/21/2020 | reasonmclucus
    The initial forced labor in the British North American colonies involved indentured servants who served a limited amount of time and were then freed. Many whites volunteered to serve a period of time...
    1.5K views kims
  • The Aquila Report | 2/23/2020 | Staff
    With numerous and precious promises, God told Israel that he remembered his covenant and would be their people (Ex 6:2–8). He traveled with them as a pillar of cloud and fire; they knew his awesome...
    449 views townskey13
  • The Bible and Culture | 2/20/2020 | Staff
    As I’ve already suggested, the quality of the production of this Introduction to the NT, and also its DVDs is second to none. It’s excellent. This post will be mainly about the 37 lessons on the...
    479 views maye
  • The Aquila Report | 2/19/2020 | Staff
    The book of Joel prospectively anticipates the fuller revelation of God in Jesus Christ. His resurrection is the firstfruits of the new creation, confirms the eternality and blessedness of Zion, and...
    308 views n.king
  • sharperiron.org | 2/18/2020 | Staff
    I have been thinking for a while that it might be a good idea to write about the New Covenant. Although there seems to be little confusion about it in the minds of Jeremiah, Paul, or the author of...
    746 views malik778
  • The Aquila Report | 2/16/2020 | Staff
    Let’s be honest, the knowledge of God is a bit of an acquired taste. At first it seems too remote or intellectual, like a piece of classical music; but on closer inspection, after repeated exposure...
    358 views k.collazi
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