• New York Post | 12/31/2019 | Staff
    Among the institutions of the so-called international community, anti-Israel bias is so prevalent and obvious, it’s taken for granted and almost funny. The year-end statistics from the UN General...
    337 views Nighty
  • ScienceDaily | 10/31/2019 | Staff
    Neurons transmit electrical signals in a clearly defined direction -- they are said to be "polarized." Each neuron receives signals and forwards them via a long extension, the so-called axon, to the...
    472 views Sugar12
  • ScienceDaily | 10/25/2019 | Staff
    Epo could be used to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's or reduce damage after strokes. However, clinical studies have shown severe side effects, which, according to...
    1.2K views Nighty
  • canadafreepress.com | 10/22/2019 | A. Dru Kristenev
    Exhausted as we may be by Hillary Clinton’s unending blame parade, she may have accidentally (purposefully?) shone a light on the sham that is Tulsi Gabbard. That Clinton didn’t actually name any...
    490 views cv2angels
  • ScienceDaily | 8/19/2019 | Staff
    "We believe that intraneural stimulation can be a valuable solution for several neuroprosthetic devices for sensory and motor function restoration. The translational potentials of this approach are...
    324 views ashb0101
  • (in)courage | 7/18/2019 | Staff
    It was an ordinary Tuesday, except for the fact that I was on the verge of a breakdown over lemon zest. This sounds ridiculous, and it is, but it is also serious. This is the face of anxiety.
    1K views red815
  • ScienceDaily | 5/14/2019 | Staff
    Using cell reprogramming, so-called induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) can be generated from a blood or skin sample. The body cells are reset into an embryonic stage and are then able to...
    139 views Nighty

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