• earthsky.org | 8/19/2019 | Bruce McClure
    The Trifid Nebula (Messier 20 or M20) is one of the many binocular treasures in the direction of the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Its name means divided into three lobes, although you’ll likely...
    419 views madalina09
  • Space.com | 4/18/2019 | Nola Taylor Redd
    In 1995, the world was astounded by the Hubble Space Telescope's beautiful images of the Eagle Nebula, a cloud of interstellar gas and dust 7,000 light-years from Earth.
    283 views Goobee
  • phys.org | 4/28/2012 | Staff
    The Egg Nebula is a preplanetary nebula, created by a dying star in the process of becoming a planetary nebula. Planetary nebulas have nothing to do with planets – the name arose when 18th century...
    161 views Caris
  • Universe Today | 2/18/2019 | Staff
    Welcome back to Messier Monday! Today, we continue in our tribute to our dear friend, Tammy Plotner, by looking at Cetus A, the bright reflection nebula known as Messier 78! During the 18th century,...
    170 views fofo
  • earthsky.org | 2/14/2019 | Eleanor Imster
    View larger at EarthSky Community Photos. | Image via Joshua Rhoades. A perfect image for Valentine’s Day! Joshua - Rhoades - Elkhart - Illinois - Photo Joshua Rhoades of Elkhart, Illinois, took...
    524 views springergirl77
  • phys.org | 12/18/2018 | Staff
    A planetary nebula is the corpse that remains when a star dies. When planetary nebulae were observed for the first time with a telescope, they presented a roughly circular shape, resembling that of...
    639 views monna
  • WIRED | 11/3/2018 | Shannon Stirone
    Halloween has come and gone, but there’s no shortage of scary things—in space! The universe is enormous beyond comprehension, and airless and dark to boot. We’re going to look at its brighter side...
    737 views vpp1219
  • phys.org | 10/29/2018 | Staff
    Eta Carinae resides in a large molecular cloud (the Carina Nebula) surrounded by a double-lobed structure of gas and dust that probably resulted from prodigious mass ejections and intermittent winds...
    809 views elio25
  • CNET | 10/25/2018 | Amanda Kooser
    The Skull and Crossbones Nebula has some competition when it comes to creepy space apparitions. NASA and the European Space Agency are getting in the Halloween mood with a fresh Hubble Space...
    253 views baileyboo
  • earthsky.org | 10/25/2018 | EarthSky
    The Cat’s Paw Nebula is a star-forming region within our Milky Way galaxy. It’s located some 4,200 to 5,500 light-years away, in the direction of what we see as the constellation Scorpius the...
    387 views yana.boo

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