• Twitter | 11/17/2018 | Staff
    “We have 2 years to study EXACTLY what Democrats did to steal the House and prevent the same BS in 2020. The Democrats should have lost...
    290 views Micaella
  • Twitter | 11/14/2018 | Staff
    “One idea to prevent vote fraud would be to inject federally traceable "Key" ballots into every state election. After an election, the feds could trace these "Key" ballots.
    121 views newusr01
  • Twitter | 11/9/2018 | Staff
    “The election scandal in Broward County casts a pall over the entire Democrat House victory. It is no longer legitimate. Where else did cheating take place? History will place an asterisk by it...”..
    198 views Zorra
  • Twitter | 10/24/2018 | Staff
    “HERE'S MY THEORY: This "bomb scare" is a hoax perpetrated by Democrat operatives to stop Trump from calling them a mob and blunt his rallies. If they did, in fact, contain explosive material, they...
    467 views kims
  • Twitter | 10/15/2018 | Staff
    “FL is closer than it should be! Gillum is a crazy Socialist who has openly thanked George Soros! Please check out the DeSantis website and volunteer, donate or both.
    701 views adele2234
  • Twitter | 10/8/2018 | Staff
    “Collins might never have voted for Kavanaugh and given her epic speech without an FBI investigation. The FBI investigation might never have happened unless Flake demanded it.
    157 views penaert
  • Twitter | 8/24/2018 | Staff
    “Sessions has done SO MUCH to help the President's agenda in the past 18 months. Why does Trump NEVER praise him for ANY of that? Because it's all theater. #SlowWalker.”...
    380 views moni
  • Twitter | 12/31/1969 | Staff
    “We've now had 2 special elections where Democrats turned out over 90% of their presidential general election base in very red districts while Republicans turned out only 40% of theirs? You believe...
    527 views darkkazune
  • Twitter | 8/5/2018 | Staff
    “I am one of the foremost polling experts on Twitter. Here is the new "game" pollsters are playing. Instead of blatantly oversampling Democrats, they WILDLY over-sample Independents then claim...
    470 views jollyjetta

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