• phys.org | 10/8/2019 | Staff
    NASA's InSight spacecraft has used its robotic arm to help its heat probe, known as "the mole," dig nearly 2 centimeters (3/4 of an inch) over the past week. While modest, the movement is...
    332 views marked
  • CNET | 10/14/2019 | Amanda Kooser
    NASA's Mars InSight lander snapped this selfie in December 2018. Space fans hate it when machines die on Mars, so we've been rooting for the Mars InSight lander's "mole" instrument to emerge from...
    667 views Traight
  • phys.org | 9/27/2016 | Staff
    Mars may seem to be an alien world, but many of its features look eerily familiar—such as this ancient, dried-up river system that stretches out for nearly 700 kilometres across the surface, making...
    404 views Micaella
  • Space.com | 2/18/2021 | Samantha Mathewson
    NASA's Mars 2020 rover mission has checked off another milestone with a successful separation test of the descent stage that will deliver the six-wheeled robot to the surface of the Red Planet.
    333 views maye
  • phys.org | 8/6/2019 | Staff
    If you could travel back in time 3.5 billion years, what would Mars look like? The picture is evolving among scientists working with NASA's Curiosity rover. Imagine ponds dotting the floor of Gale...
    555 views cv2angels
  • CNET | 10/7/2019 | Corinne Reichert
    What Mars may have looked like. NASA scientists believe Mars may have had an oasis environment around 3.5 billion years ago, they said Monday. Evidence of ponds scattered across a 100-mile-wide...
    559 views Coraav
  • phys.org | 7/11/2016 | Staff
    This captivating image was taken in the north polar region of Mars by the ESA/Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter's CaSSIS camera. Dunes come in various characteristic shapes on Mars just as on...
    833 views KimmyPoo
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