• The Bible and Culture | 11/30/2018 | Staff
    A few decades ago, it became fashionable in some scholarly circles, including NT/Christian Origins, to hold the view that in the Roman period there was an extremely low level of literacy, and that...
    671 views samtetley
  • Youth Specialties | 4/24/2018 | Staff
    I recently had a conversation with another youth pastor about biblical literacy, or rather, the lack thereof. He was quite proud of the fact that his students were able to use bible dictionaries and...
    476 views smilingbear
  • Power Line | 1/11/2018 | Staff
    Anyone remember the early 1990s when the Clinton Administration discovered to its horror that it couldn’t spend like the horny drunken sailors we know them to have been because the bond market would...
    200 views Traight
  • sharperiron.org | 5/12/2017 | Staff
    Read the entire series. The church alone cannot develop disciples. Individual believers must take responsibility for their own spiritual growth. We can and should provide as many “nets” as possible...
    332 views red815
  • Newsmax | 5/5/2017 | Staff
    A free society wants their citizenry to be literate and contributing. While an authoritarian government needs just the opposite to survive. Literacy is the key opening many doors.
    316 views lhumara
  • sharperiron.org | 4/23/2017 | Staff
    Read Part 1. The central purpose of the church is to exalt Christ. We do that through evangelism, worship, fellowship, prayer and in general, making disciples (Acts 2:42-43).
    290 views boti
  • sharperiron.org | 4/21/2017 | Staff
    From Think on These Things (link is external), March 2017; used with permission. I concluded my article titled “Biblical Illiteracy (link is external)” with these words: Illiteracy - Today - Reasons...
    304 views superdudea

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