• earthsky.org | 6/13/2019 | Claudia Crowley
    Fred Lingen captured this silhouette of the Montauk lighthouse in Montauk, New York, on June 5, 2019. Sharing is caring! Claudia - Crowley - Proofs - EarthSky - Material Claudia Crowley proofs and...
    307 views aka1
  • earthsky.org | 1/26/2019 | Claudia Crowley
    View larger at EarthSky Community Photos. | The barely gibbous moon (just past full) rises over the Nubble Light in this photo by EarthSky friend Manish Mamtani. In 1874, President Rutherford B.
    1.6K views catcrazy24
  • Variety | 7/6/2018 | Guy Lodge
    It’s a safe rule of thumb in cinema that nothing good ever happens in a lighthouse: Boats are steered into calamity, people plunge (or are pushed) to seagull-pecked death on the rocks, and let’s not...
    413 views baileyboo
  • earthsky.org | 1/7/2018 | Deborah Byrd
    Jerry James Photography caught this sun pillar on the last weekend of 2017, at Frankfort Lighthouse in Frankfort, Michigan. Read more: What is a sun pillar or light pillar? Sharing is caring! Deborah...
    847 views Matty123
  • earthsky.org | 1/6/2018 | Deborah Byrd
    Deborah Byrd created the EarthSky radio series in 1991 and founded EarthSky.org in 1994. Today, she serves as Editor-in-Chief of this website. She has won a galaxy of awards from the broadcasting...
    1.5K views aka1
  • Editorial | 10/9/2017 | Staff
    The "harvest moon" and "hunter's moon" are traditional names for the full moons which occur during late summer and autumn. The Harvest moon is the full moon closest to the Autumnal equinox and the...
    732 views kring
  • earthsky.org | 8/6/2017 | Eleanor Imster
    Photo via Jerry James Photography. Jerry James captured this image on August 3, 2017. He wrote: Tonight - Example - Game - Anything - Couple Tonight was the perfect example of the waiting game.
    410 views ashb0101
  • ThomRainer.com | 3/26/2017 | Staff
    SHARE THIS: Fast Facts: Lighthouse EPC was planted in 2000 in the Lake Norman area of Mooresville, NC. Its original name was Lake Norman Fellowship, but after the founding pastor left in 2014 to be...
    1.2K views dorkyrocker

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