• Ron Edmondson | 8/16/2018 | Ron Edmondson
    No leader sets out to frustrate their team. Yet, chances are we do it everyday. Or, at least we do it often. We are human. Every leader makes mistakes like everyone else does.
    301 views princia
  • Ron Edmondson | 8/15/2018 | Ron Edmondson
    I deal with a lot of new leaders. I’ve been one myself numerous times. In fact, I’m there again now. I’m the “new guy”. I don’t know as much about the organization I am supposed to lead as many of...
    140 views roxy2707
  • The Weekly Standard | 6/7/2018 | Fred Barnes
    Democrats have tried to block the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of the FBI and its probe of the Trump presidential campaign. They have failed. And the Senate Judiciary Committee is...
    532 views idkwatitis
  • ScienceDaily | 8/3/2018 | Staff
    Which school should I send my child to? Do I need to scale back the workforce in my company? Should the soldiers launch an attack tonight or wait until tomorrow? Parents, company bosses and army...
    237 views yana.boo
  • Jesus Creed | 8/3/2018 | Staff
    We continue our series on the apostolic fathers as look into 1 Clement 56–58. Our series uses for its text Michael Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers. Clement - Leader - Rome - Leaders - People 1 Clement...
    312 views smilingbear
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