• | 10/27/2017 | Staff
    ETH researchers succeeded in shortening the pulse duration of an X‑ray laser to only 43 attoseconds. With a time resolution in the range of a few quintillionths of a second, they are now able for...
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  • | 10/27/2017 | Staff
    A new kind of laser, in which light snakes around a cavity of any shape without scattering, has been developed by researchers in the US. They claim that their "toplogical laser", which works at...
    540 views fofo
  • ScienceDaily | 10/27/2017 | Staff
    So, how do you control some of the randomness to make useful devices? It's a question that's led a team of researchers at The University of New Mexico to a discovery that's taking laser technology...
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  • | 9/19/2017 | Staff
    Whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators are used to make tiny micro-lasers, sensors, switches, routers and other devices. These tiny structures rely on a phenomenon similar to an effect observed in...
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  • | 8/17/2017 | Staff
    Lasers that will fly on NASA's Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2, or ICESat-2, are about to be put to the test at the agency's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
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