• Editorial | 6/14/2018 | Staff
    This fantastic time lapse video of this rain cloud shows an intense downpour over this lake!  
    553 views lr_news
  • Editorial | 1/26/2018 | Staff
    When you are in the middle of a snow storm, you can't always tell how fast the snow is accumulating.  This is a beautiful video of a snow storm blanketing a park with a fluffy layer of snow.  
    384 views Goobee
  • Editorial | 10/9/2017 | Staff
    The "harvest moon" and "hunter's moon" are traditional names for the full moons which occur during late summer and autumn. The Harvest moon is the full moon closest to the Autumnal equinox and the...
    732 views kring
  • Editorial | 9/18/2017 | Staff
    The time lapse footage of this raging wildfire at Eagle Creek, Washington, was taken from Stevenson Washington showing a view of cascade locks. This view is from 9-4-2017 to the early morning hours...
    1.1K views kring
  • Editorial | 7/25/2017 | Staff
    Orb spiders are amazing web spinners and this one is captured creating its masterpiece in front of a camera at night.  The lighting really enhances your ability to see the spider's work!
    823 views kring
  • Editorial | 5/4/2017 | Staff
    If we could only watch flowers bloom, it would be amazing, right?  Well, this time lapse video shows a variety of beautiful flowers including irises, orchids and other flowers that bloom in seconds!...
    857 views kring
  • Editorial | 12/2/2016 | Staff
    Here is another time lapse:   Seeing the night sky from a dark location is getting more and more difficult.  It is not longer just a matter of driving away from town or the city to escape the lights.
    599 views Firefang

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