• The Daily Caller | 9/22/2017 | Staff
    I forget who first said “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” (if you care, Google it), but it’s a pretty dumb way to live. What if the enemy of your enemy was Charles Manson, or the Unabomber, or...
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  • Truthfeed | 9/17/2017 | Amy Moreno
    Why Doesn't Amazon Want Women to Find This Site? President Trump is famous for handing out nicknames to his adversaries. Remember - Lyin - Ted - Little - Marco Remember Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, and...
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  • Washington Free Beacon | 9/8/2017 | Matthew Continetti
    "Why did we lose this war?" asked James Burnham of Vietnam in 1972. One reason, he wrote, was that "We failed—that is, our leadership failed—to comprehend this Indochina struggle as one campaign or...
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