• Jesus Creed | 3/28/2018 | Staff
    The phone rings in the background. The secretary answers the phone. She knocks on the door during your staff meeting. It’s your spouse. it’s an emergency. Office - Door - Phone - Silence - Tears You...
    538 views joyy
  • Kristen Welch | 3/13/2018 | Kristen
    Our world changes every time I turn on the TV. It seems to get a little scarier and a lot more uncertain with every passing day. Whether it’s mass shootings, terrorist plots, racial tension or...
    416 views maddixxsammm25
  • Kristen Welch | 2/14/2018 | Kristen
    I am not an artist, but I’m raising one and she has taught me the truth of this French artist’s words. Every watercolor stroke takes a bit of bravery. I can’t really draw or paint, but I love...
    149 views Celtics2212
  • (in)courage | 2/5/2018 | Anna Rendell
    Sara Groves, “Add to the Beauty” I have two daughters, tiny sparkly beauties both. One with dark eyes and a sweet smile and curly pigtails, the other with golden hair feathery straight and eyes blue...
    536 views marika
  • SBC Today | 1/29/2018 | Staff
    There has been a surprising backlash of late concerning the invitation and the altar call. For generations, people have been offered the opportunity to respond to Christ and invite Him to come into...
    582 views cindy95240
  • Desiring God | 12/27/2017 | John Piper
    Editor’s Note: John Piper preached this message at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, where he also participated in a Q&A on Christian Hedonism. Last evening, I spoke over at Lanier...
    519 views maddixxsammm25
  • Frank Viola | 12/9/2017 | Staff
    Here’s a recent email I received by someone who is in his early 30s that sparked the idea for this blog post: “Frank, just want you to know that your podcast is changing my life.
    263 views jesse456

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