• WIRED | 6/23/2018 | Louise Matsakis
    Almost every night, I sit in bed and stare at my phone. Then I fall asleep and dream about the internet. I send friends imaginary iMessages and hear the woo-Oop sound and then the ding when they...
    281 views tictac399
  • Taki's Magazine | 6/21/2018 | Staff
    Journalists know absolutely nothing about immigration and refuse to learn, so when I cited the fraudulent “humanitarian” cases on TV Sunday night, I footnoted myself live on air, citing a New Yorker...
    587 views smnth28
  • phys.org | 6/19/2018 | Staff
    Streaming films and music or accessing business data in the cloud when flying to the holiday destination or to business meetings – this is the dream of passengers as well as airlines.
    396 views vegdancer18
  • Crisis Magazine | 6/19/2018 | Tom Jay
    Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles Robert Barron recently gave a pair of quite interesting talks at Google and Facebook. Now approaching 30 million views Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire is the most...
    205 views chrismpotts
  • phys.org | 6/18/2018 | Staff
    The Bank for International Settlements in a report warned digital currencies like bitcoin could overwhelm and break the internet if they continue to grow. The BIS, often described as the central...
    396 views ajoy26
  • WSJ | 6/12/2018 | James Hookway
    Vietnam’s plans to vigorously police the internet took a step forward Tuesday when it adopted a cybersecurity law that requires internet companies such as Facebook and Google to store their...
    626 views emilia
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