• phys.org | 1/16/2019 | Staff
    Testing a candidate design for a subsonic parachute to slow a future mission to Mars inside Canada's National Research Council wind tunnel, in Ottawa. Mars has a thin but substantial atmosphere,...
    359 views red815
  • phys.org | 1/11/2019 | Staff
    The Copernicus Sentinel-2B satellite takes us along the lower reaches of the brown, sediment-rich Uruguay River. Here, the river forms the border between Argentina and Uruguay and is the site of the...
    464 views roxy2707
  • phys.org | 11/5/2018 | Staff
    On the first day of the 15th annual European Space Weather Week, this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope fittingly shows a striking occurrence of celestial weather in the outer reaches...
    817 views norma
  • phys.org | 11/14/2018 | Staff
    Imaging Earth from space is a favourite pastime for astronauts on the International space Station. They can set their cameras to automatically snap photos while they work, but often make time to...
    884 views sally140353
  • phys.org | 11/19/2018 | Staff
    At first glance, a bright blue crescent immediately jumps out of this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image. Is it a bird? A plane? Evidence of extraterrestrial life? No—it's a galaxy.
    1.1K views roxy2707
  • wdtprs.com | 12/24/2018 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    QUAERITUR: What is your favorite Christmas image? Question Well, a rather personal and extremely difficult question. Without a lot of reflection, what came quickly to mind is the 1597 painting in...
    1.2K views aka1
  • phys.org | 12/24/2018 | Staff
    There is no escaping the holidays, even in space. Though the crew celebrate together on the International Space Station, it is still hard to be away from family during festive times.
    581 views trainman
  • phys.org | 12/21/2018 | Staff
    This festive NASA Hubble Space Telescope image resembles a holiday wreath made of sparkling lights. The bright southern hemisphere star RS Puppis, at the center of the image, is swaddled in a...
    321 views hi09

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