• Liberty Nation | 2/18/2020 | Onar Åm
    Identity politics and minority grievances have built into them a glaring contradiction: on the one hand, identity is said to be of immense importance for some suffering minority, but there is no...
    379 views jacensolo775
  • ESPN.com | 2/12/2020 | Staff
    Retired NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade recently opened up about supporting his daughter Zaya, who identifies as a transgender girl. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on "The Ellen Show" this week, Wade...
    131 views marked
  • The Gospel Coalition | 2/12/2020 | Ray Ortlund,Sam Allberry
    Ray Ortlund begins the discussion by saying that it is harmful for anyone to make aspects of their fallen nature their primary identity. He goes on to say that we all have tendencies toward this, as...
    285 views pixielilia
  • (in)courage | 1/31/2020 | Staff
    Most nights I lay awake in bed rehearsing different conversations I had throughout the day. I worry if I said or did the right thing. I calculate and rethink what I should or could have done.
    633 views TwiztedGurl
  • Israel National News | 1/20/2020 | Staff
    The new leader of the Islamic State terror movement has been confirmed as Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Mawli Al-Salbi, according to officials from two intelligence services who were cited on Monday...
    363 views marisha
  • phys.org | 4/29/2017 | Staff
    Images capturing the 2017 fireball from different angles and a map showing where the cameras were located. Credit: NAOJ/Kasuga et al. At around 1 a.m. local standard time on April 29, 2017, a...
    987 views adele2234

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