• phys.org | 6/14/2017 | Staff
    NUS chemists have developed carbon-conjugated covalent organic frameworks for visible light-driven catalytic production of hydrogen gas from water. Hydrogen gas is becoming important as a storage...
    553 views itsdonaldk
  • phys.org | 8/26/2019 | Staff
    The most common process for making hydrogen peroxide begins with a highly toxic, flammable working solution that is combined with hydrogen, filtered, combined with oxygen, mixed in water, and then...
    1.3K views ridge-kh
  • aopa.org | 7/29/2019 | Staff
    Photo courtesy of Skai. While the vision of whisking passengers between rooftops in aircraft capable of vertical takeoff has largely solidified in the general shape of multiple rotors, some with...
    203 views Mijac
  • TechCrunch | 7/24/2019 | Staff
    In a post on RED’s message board, founder Jim Jannard reasserted the company’s commitment to the disappointing Hydrogen One handset. It’s a distant memory now, but the pricey niche device was teased...
    390 views ajoy26
  • ScienceDaily | 5/9/2019 | Staff
    With the pressure on global leaders to reduce carbon emissions significantly to solve a climate change emergency, there is an urgent need to develop cleaner energy alternatives to burning fossil...
    325 views maddyb7

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