• Wired | 2/6/2020 | Staff
    For the better part of a year, SpaceX has gotten the lion's share of attention when it comes to "mega-constellations" of internet satellites. Between May and January, the company launched 240...
    198 views blacky
  • Variety | 1/31/2020 | Bob Verini
    Invitation to that most exclusive of groups, the Oscar winners club, must be gratifying to those who have come up short in the past. Some have had to put a brave face before the cameras on...
    311 views emilia
  • Zero Hedge | 1/30/2020 | Staff
    After flat-lining over the last several years, gold mine output fell by 1% in 2019. This is further evidence that we could be heading into a long-term and perhaps irreversible decline in gold mine...
    477 views EGFZE
  • Zero Hedge | 1/1/2020 | Staff
    Germans, like Indians and Chinese, love their gold - although their reasons for buying and keeping bullion are somewhat different. In China and India, gold jewelry is a status symbol - a sign of...
    731 views gabriella250
  • ScienceDaily | 1/14/2020 | Staff
    Geological processes produce different kinds of deposits. Porphyry-type deposits are formed underneath volcanoes by an accumulation of magma that releases fluids on cooling and precipitates metals in...
    800 views iVchan

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