• TMZ | 10/13/2019 | Staff
    And, 18 years later ... the now 48-year-old comedian and husband to actress Isla Fischer -- who is celebrating his birthday Sunday -- showing off his slicked-back hair...
    1.2K views hey13
  • TMZ | 10/6/2019 | Staff
    And, 18 years later ... the 59-year-old father of one who is now one of four judges on the long-running "America's Got Talent" ... which just wrapped...
    696 views Firefang
  • TMZ | 9/29/2019 | Staff
    And, 18 years later ... The now 32-year-old mother of two -- who is celebrating her birthday this weekend -- in full glam, glowing at a company launch event in Beverly Hills, California earlier this...
    1.8K views newusr01
  • phys.org | 4/5/2018 | Staff
    While whales and dolphins spend their entire life in the ocean, these air-breathing mammals actually evolved from terrestrial species. The transition from land to water in the ancestors of modern...
    771 views doona07
  • ScienceDaily | 9/24/2019 | Staff
    In so-called whole genome sequencing, surveys are made of the total genome of an individual. It is still relatively rare in healthcare today, but it occurs at an increasing rate, for example in order...
    170 views dorkyrocker
  • TMZ | 9/22/2019 | Staff
    And, 37 years later ... the now 71-year-old actor who stars in NBC's "The Good Place" -- along with Kristen Bell and Jameela Jamil -- was photographed showing off his silverside at the OCEANA gala...
    1.4K views Pumpkinajn
  • ScienceDaily | 9/16/2019 | Staff
    Human chromosomes are made up of DNA, about half of which includes ancient remnants of a type of virus called transposons. Also known as "jumping genes," transposons have the potential to attack...
    263 views just-me
  • TMZ | 9/8/2019 | Staff
    Here's a 22-year-old version of the San Diego Chargers quarterback rockin' a tux at the ESPY Awards -- Brees was nominated for the 'Best College Football Player' award -- in Las Vegas back in 2001...
    1.1K views Omnista
  • TMZ | 9/1/2019 | Staff
    Here is a 31-year-old version of the Grammy Award-winning singer, showing off her luscious curls at the 60th Academy Awards in Los Angeles back in 1988 (left). It was at this award show that...
    989 views morica
  • Rick Thomas | 8/30/2019 | Daniel Berger II
    The news this week is an allegedly scientific study spanning two decades now proves that homosexuality is not genetic. There is no single gene in the human genome that causes homosexuality.
    219 views fofo
  • TMZ | 8/25/2019 | Staff
    Here is a 26-year-old version of the five-time Grammy award-winning artist, known for multiple hit songs including 'Work It', was spotted radiating with joy while celebrating at a birthday party...
    969 views jenny124124
  • TMZ | 8/18/2019 | Staff
    And, 21 years later ... the Emmy award-winning actress -- whom celebrated her 51st birthday this past week -- was last spotted radiating beauty while attending a film festival in Hollywood,...
    492 views megzmegz123

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