• phys.org | 1/23/2019 | Staff
    Pacific salmon are one of Canada's iconic creatures. Each summer, they complete their, on average, four- to five-year-long life cycle by returning from their rich ocean feeding grounds to the creeks...
    499 views Lord
  • ScienceDaily | 11/9/2018 | Staff
    There are many examples of species that are able to navigate long distances, such as migrating birds, or dispersing salamanders. Some animals that move over long distances have a geomagnetic sense...
    551 views hubbog
  • phys.org | 11/9/2018 | Staff
    Blanding's turtle hatchlings need only the sun as their compass to guide them on their way to the nearest wetland—and a place of safety. This is according to John Dean Krenz of Minnesota State...
    544 views tiazanne
  • earthsky.org | 5/24/2018 | Eleanor Imster
    NASA Earth Observatory reported this week (May 23, 2018) on a new, first-of-its-kind study, combining 14 years of satellite observations with data on human activities, showing where and how...
    169 views ashb0101
  • ScienceDaily | 5/16/2018 | Staff
    The NASA-led research team, which included Hiroko Beaudoing, a faculty specialist at the University of Maryland's Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC), used 14 years of observations...
    300 views itsdonaldk
  • ScienceDaily | 2/28/2018 | Staff
    Freshwater algal blooms have increased due to nutrients from sources such as fertilizers and other agricultural runoff entering the water. While every algal bloom isn't toxic -- some algal species...
    306 views lukea

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