• ScienceDaily | 3/20/2019 | Staff
    This may change with a simple new technique developed by engineers from the University of California, Riverside that can detect fake drugs from a video taken as the sample undergoes a disturbance.
    304 views iceyy
  • Mail Online | 2/16/2019 | Victoria Bischoff;Samantha Partington For The Daily Mail
    Banks have finally agreed to refund victims of sophisticated frauds. They had been refusing to pay compensation in cases where neither they nor the customer was to blame.
    413 views bab_ohh
  • Sparta Report | 12/28/2018 | Doomberg
    With bitcoin seemingly in terminal decline as prices crash, stories of huge losses are beginning to emerge from the victims of the 21st century version of “tulip mania”: About a year ago, Charles...
    539 views bungienet
  • realclimatescience.com | 3/27/2017 | Staff
    I testified at the Washington State Senate last month during one of their largest snowstorms on record, and environmentalists showed up to try to shout me down. Democratic senators tried to silence...
    256 views lhumara

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