• Variety | 2/21/2020 | Lisa Kennedy
    In “The Night Clerk,” Tye Sheridan and a very busy Ana de Armas star as a hotel clerk with Asperger’s and the solicitous beauty who shows up after a murder. The chemistry between Sheridan and de...
    391 views crazycool12
  • Variety | 1/25/2020 | Jay Weissberg
    Cheap gangsters, duplicitous dragon ladies, a mute tattooed assassin, get-rich-quick schlubs looking to score and a comical detective: “Beasts Clawing at Straws” could just as well be called “Beasts...
    565 views chicana948
  • Variety | 1/31/2020 | Lisa Kennedy
    It has been a year and a half since director Li Cheng’s “José” won the Venice Film Festival’s Queer Lion. It would be a shame to let the lag time diminish expectations.
    601 views Tanya9
  • Variety | 1/28/2020 | Tomris Laffly
    A decade has passed since 2010’s Deepwater Horizon tragedy, history’s most catastrophic oil drilling accident that occurred when a BP-operated pipe exploded, leaking millions of gallons of oil into...
    670 views applecup
  • Variety | 2/10/2020 | Guy Lodge
    There’s much talk these days of microaggressions: words and gestures of disrespect toward others, particularly those of other social groups, that betray prejudice even when everyday or unintentional.
    1.2K views camkizzle
  • Variety | 2/11/2019 | Jessica Kiang
    When disconsolate lovers light up a post-coital cigarette amid tousled bedclothes in a French New Wave film, the source of their angsty ennui is often, in some way or other, l’amour.
    431 views Frost123
  • Variety | 2/1/2020 | Chris Willman
    For any Lin-Manuel Miranda fans whose hearts sank almost as quickly as they rose upon hearing that, yes, there’s a “Hamilton” movie, and no, it won’t be out for another 20 months, succor may be on...
    883 views Zorra
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