• ScienceDaily | 8/29/2019 | Staff
    The quantum internet promises absolutely tap-proof communication and powerful distributed sensor networks for new science and technology. However, because quantum information cannot be copied, it is...
    362 views Coraav
  • phys.org | 10/25/2016 | Staff
    Fibre optic research can give us better medical equipment, improved environmental monitoring, more media channels—and maybe better solar panels. "Optical fibres are remarkably good at transmitting...
    248 views erinmmarion
  • WIRED | 5/20/2019 | Lauren Joseph
    The next generation of wireless tech, 5G, promises a frictionless future: We'll be able to do whatever we do on our phones much, much faster, and more devices can come online without slowing down...
    803 views chicana948
  • phys.org | 2/22/2019 | Staff
    North Carolina State University researchers have developed a fiber that combines the elasticity of rubber with the strength of a metal, resulting in a tougher material that could be incorporated...
    422 views cute16
  • ScienceDaily | 2/21/2019 | Staff
    "This is the first step in unraveling how the physical properties of fiber impact aggregation in our gut," says Asher Preska Steinberg, a graduate student at Caltech and lead author of a new report...
    507 views ajoy26
  • TechCrunch | 2/7/2019 | Staff
    It wasn’t that long ago that cities across the U.S. were vying for Google Fiber, the company’s high-speed internet service. Since the launch of the project in Kansas City in 2012, Google Fiber...
    288 views tiazanne

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