• First Things | 8/12/2019 | Brevin Anderson
    Empty Planet: Malthusianism is enjoying something of a revival these days. The term “Malthusianism” comes from Thomas Malthus's eighteenth-century thesis that food production could not possibly keep...
    446 views urbanagirl3
  • ScienceDaily | 6/10/2019 | Staff
    "For the average pregnancy planner, it is probably wise to take a preconception multivitamin, but more for the folic acid than for the iron content," says study senior author Dr.
    413 views SweetStuff33
  • ScienceDaily | 6/7/2019 | Staff
    The technique measures the speed and action of the sperm flagellum, or tail, which provides vital information for understanding whether sperm in an ejaculate have the potential to reach and fertilise...
    781 views darktm22
  • BBC News | 5/28/2019 | Staff
    Scientists have uncovered an evolutionary paradox where men damage their ability to have children during efforts to make themselves look more attractive. Taking steroids to get a buff physique or...
    455 views TitanSwimr
  • First Things | 6/24/2016 | Lyman Stone
    After more than a decade as a demographic laggard, eastern Europe is having a slight “baby boom.” The typical total fertility rate in eastern European countries has risen considerably from the...
    305 views iVchan

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