• (in)courage | 10/7/2017 | Tiffany Parry
    My heart plummeted when I entered the room full of women and didn’t see anyone I knew. I had prayed on the drive in, adding just a respectable amount of pleading that I’d quickly spot a familiar...
    167 views princessmary1234
  • Parent Cue | 2/3/2014 | Sarah Anderson
    A few days ago I asked my two boys what they were most afraid of. My youngest, without skipping a beat, told me water buffalos and cobras. My oldest, still only seven, told me, imaginary monsters at...
    254 views eymira
  • TVOvermind | 9/29/2017 | Nick Hogan
    Gotham, now with two Season 4 episodes that have aired, is starting to concern me a little. I still find it to be a largely entertaining and exciting show, but a lot of what happened in the Season 4...
    189 views joyy
  • TheHill | 9/23/2017 | Josh Delk
    Michelle Obama said in a speech Thursday that the White House is currently being led by fear, comparing President Trump's administration with her husband and former President Obama's administration.
    278 views melanie7