• MakeUseOf | 4/8/2019 | Sandy Writtenhouse
    When you’re working with data in your Microsoft Excel workbook, it’s not always just numbers. Maybe your spreadsheet contains names of customers, clients, employees, or contacts.
    338 views EGFZE
  • MakeUseOf | 2/4/2019 | Sandy Writtenhouse
    Charts are wonderful tools to display data visually. And if you’re a Microsoft Excel user, then you have a variety of chart options at your fingertips. Here’s how to make a chart in Excel and...
    794 views Zorra
  • MakeUseOf | 12/14/2018 | MakeUseOf Deals
    From engineering to finance, there are countless jobs that involve working with spreadsheets, formulae and charts. Yet how many of us have really mastered these number-crunching skills? Microsoft...
    602 views baileyboo
  • MakeUseOf | 11/5/2018 | Ryan Dube
    Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful spreadsheet tools, with an impressive collection of built-in tools and features. In this article, you’ll learn how powerful Excel formulas and conditional...
    130 views bungienet
  • MakeUseOf | 9/21/2018 | Lori Kaufman
    Creating a bulleted list in Excel isn’t as straightforward as it is in Word. There is no Bullets button on the ribbon in Excel. What if you want to add a bulleted list to a worksheet? Today we’ll...
    127 views Mandyixus
  • dailycaller.com | 8/3/2018 | Staff
    Excel has proven itself an invaluable tool to identify opportunities, improve efficiency and drive goals. Yet many professionals struggle to make use of this ubiquitous tool in an effective way.
    314 views katz1234
  • MakeUseOf | 7/27/2018 | Lori Kaufman
    Plenty of options exist for creating flowcharts, but you may not need one if you’re already subscribed to Microsoft Office 365. We’ve shown how you can create a flowchart in Word, but Excel works...
    571 views MysticHeart
  • MakeUseOf | 4/2/2018 | Sandy Stachowiak
    Microsoft Excel has been around for decades and many have used it since its release. But there are still others who are just now starting to use it. Whether for work, school, or personal use, it can...
    589 views tictac399
  • TechCrunch | 3/29/2018 | Frederic Lardinois
    Excel is the workhorse of many industries and if you love your spreadsheets, the following news will likely make you unreasonably happy: Excel is getting smarter, thanks to a fresh infusion of...
    134 views cobra662
  • MakeUseOf | 3/16/2018 | Saikat Basu
    You can create visually rich spreadsheets with conditional formatting in Excel, but some formatting options are hidden under the surface. For instance, did you know that there are different ways to...
    171 views monna
  • MakeUseOf | 2/16/2018 | Brad Jones
    Gearing up for a big race? This can often take months of training, and the best way to make the most of it is to keep a close eye on your performance. You can use Excel to create a spreadsheet where...
    447 views bab_ohh
  • MakeUseOf | 2/15/2018 | Ryan Dube
    Everyone knows how versatile the IF statement is in a scripted program, but did you know you can use much of the same logic inside of a cell in Excel? A basic definition of an IF statement in a...
    209 views sheenabeanna
  • MakeUseOf | 1/23/2018 | Sandy Stachowiak
    Microsoft Excel is a robust, full-featured tool for workbooks and spreadsheets. Whether you use it at work or at home, using features that save you time means that you can move onto your next chore...
    695 views applekip
  • MakeUseOf | 1/17/2018 | Joe Keeley
    Using macros in Microsoft Excel is the perfect way to automate tasks. We’re going to show you how to record a macro in Excel 2016 so that you can free up your time and stop wasting it on repetitive...
    359 views springergirl77
  • MakeUseOf | 1/16/2018 | Lori Kaufman
    You’ve entered a bunch of data in your Excel spreadsheet, but now you need to add more columns in the middle, move and hide some columns, and change the width of some other columns. Don’t panic.
    248 views InLove4567

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