• Desiring God | 10/8/2018 | John Piper
    One of the great duties of the Christian mind is imagination. But not all uses of the imagination are a Christian duty. Some are exactly the opposite. Nor is the imagination the only duty of the...
    1K views bab_ohh
  • ScienceDaily | 10/11/2017 | Staff
    There are millions of arts and design graduates in the U.S. workforce. Research shows that the majority of arts alumni -- over 90% -- have worked in nonarts-related jobs at some point in their lives.
    337 views morica
  • Leithart | 10/2/2017 | Staff
    Last week, I summarized Thomas Aquinas’s argument to the effect that human beings do not create. As Thomas would have expected, there’s another side to the story – a sed contra – neatly outlined by...
    306 views newisbetterthanace
  • Phil Cooke | 8/22/2017 | Staff
    The other day my wife Kathleen and I were in the car listening to the new “Beatles” channel on our satellite radio. She remarked on the number of songs the Beatles had obviously recorded that we’d...
    133 views tiana_101
  • Newsmax | 8/9/2017 | Staff
    It may be no coincidence that some of the greatest literary names had a love for alcohol — think Hemingway, Poe, and Faulkner — drinking may have given their creativity a boost and helped them plow...
    178 views DanRules394

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