• Mail Online | 1/17/2020 | Daily Mail Reporter
    The headline to yesterday’s article about Dominic Hamlyn, the 24-year-old graduate who died of a sudden cardiac arrest, said that he was ‘killed by his party trick’ whilst swimming.
    727 views Frost123
  • Mail Online | 12/21/2019 | Mail on Sunday;Mailonline
    Articles on December 13 and 15 said Sky TV’s election night show attracted on 45,700 viewers. In fact, Sky says the broadcast had an average 495,400 views on Sky News and Sky 1...
    1.3K views aniki
  • Mail Online | 12/17/2019 | Mailonline
    In an article published by MailOnline on 19th January 2019 we reported incorrectly that Ahammed Hussain, while involved with the 1st Lewisham (Young Muslim Academy) Scout Group, segregated the group...
    582 views idkwatitis
  • Mail Online | 10/30/2019 | Daily Mail
    An article on 5 February last year reported on an interview that the former Arsenal forward Emmanuel Eboue gave to French TV in which he spoke about his ‘personal struggles’.
    595 views chicana948
  • Mail Online | 10/16/2019 | Daily Mail Reporter
    A comment article on August 22 about HS2 said that to get to Birmingham city centre from London, passengers would have to get off at Birmingham Interchange and then ‘board...
    182 views Refel_4309
  • Mail Online | 10/13/2019 | Daily Mail Reporter
    A headline to an article on October 2 about a report into domestic abuse said that 200,000 elderly people were ‘abused by partners’. In fact, the figures related to people abused by partners and...
    681 views spiderMonkey
  • Mail Online | 10/11/2019 | MailOnline Reporter
    An article published on 25 September about Sam Faiers briefly suggested that she had said her trichotillomania emerged during her childhood when her biological dad, who is Lee Faiers, went to prison.
    445 views k.collazi
  • Mail Online | 10/3/2019 | Mail on Sunday
    An article on 17th March 2019, alleged that two law firms KRW Law and Madden & Finucane were behind a probe and 'witch hunt' into killings by British Troops during the Irish troubles and were...
    233 views Caris
  • Mail Online | 9/22/2019 | Mail on Sunday
    A diary story last Sunday said Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage had a private social meeting at the London club 5 Hertford Street, which is owned by Robin Birley. In fact the two did not have such a...
    1.2K views DanRules394
  • Mail Online | 9/20/2019 | Daily Mail Online
    An article on 4 March, about an interview the Duchess of Cornwall’s hairdresser, Jo Hansford, gave to the Times magazine, contained the allegation that Richard Ward “got into trouble” for revealing...
    602 views itsdonaldk
  • Mail Online | 8/24/2019 | The Mail On Sunday
    Last Sunday we said that Mike and Linda Hughes of Astley Burf, Worcestershire, had sold a plot of land to a gipsy family and villagers later felt pressured to buy it back for £100,000. We have been..
    1.4K views MysticHeart
  • Mail Online | 8/14/2019 | Mailonline
    An article on 13 March 2018 “Female Chief Inspector 37 is probed by her force after “having sex with firearms instructor, 49 while on duty behind the back of her PC boyfriend” reported claims in an...
    186 views Cocoa_Candy12
  • Mail Online | 8/8/2019 | Mailonline
    Along with reports in other media, an article on 1 March about Billy Faier’s wedding wrongly suggested that Lee Faiers was too drunk to get on the...
    731 views Caris
  • Mail Online | 8/3/2019 | The Mail On Sunday
    Last week we said the TV presenter Adrian Chiles had a short-lived marriage to a Maria Walsh. Mr Chiles says he does not know anyone of that name and false reports of a...
    519 views gbabii05
  • Mail Online | 8/1/2019 | Mailonline
    In an article published on 3rd May we said that a High Court Judge had banned a transgender lawyer and a Catholic mother-of-five from mentioning one another on social media following an 'out of...
    433 views joyy
  • Mail Online | 7/27/2019 | The Mail On Sunday
    In articles on July 20 and 22 we said Petra Ecclestone and Sam Palmer had booked a £15 million wedding at the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos in Mexico and we were told it was cancelled.
    1.1K views bab_ohh
  • Mail Online | 7/22/2019 | Daily Mail
    Following an article on July 18 about Britain’s biggest privately run care homes, we are happy to clarify that Dermot Desmond, JP McManus and John Magnier, Barchester Healthcare’s long-term...
    391 views Omnista
  • Mail Online | 6/26/2019 | Daily Mail
    An article of 19 April 2018 about the University of Westminster students’ protest against the Government’s Prevent policy described student Farah Koutteineh as a ‘cheerleader for the terrorist...
    530 views Caris
  • Mail Online | 11/4/2018 | Mail on Sunday
    On November 4, 2018, we said the TV detective Mark Williams-Thomas was first to publicly identify the comedian Jim Davidson when he was arrested on suspicion (later cleared) of sex crimes.
    497 views MonkeyBubble
  • Mail Online | 5/23/2019 | Mailonline
    An article published from 12 April 2017 reported allegations made in The Times that the barrister, Barbara Hewson, was responsible for sending anonymous threats to a law student, including death...
    370 views red815
  • Mail Online | 9/7/2018 | Daily Mail
    An article on 17 January wrongly stated that Dr Daud Abdullah had told the BBC that he was 'prepared to blow himself up in a suicide attack' in support of the Palestinian cause. We are happy...
    238 views kims
  • Mail Online | 5/13/2019 | Mailonline
    On 13 January 2017 an article headed 'Lawyer at top firm Linklaters is accused of subjecting a fellow train passenger to 90-minute 'torrent of abuse' after he was asked to turn his phone down while...
    462 views joyy
  • Mail Online | 5/10/2019 | MailOnline Reporter
    An article of 12 April reported on claims carried by the Sun newspaper that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had ‘banned’ employees from using a car park adjacent to Frogmore Cottage.
    406 views samtetley
  • Mail Online | 5/9/2019 | Daily Mail
    An article on April 10 about council bosses' pay included information previously published by the Taxpayers' Alliance which said that Lambeth council had paid packages of at least £100,000 to 28...
    361 views shuadah
  • Mail Online | 4/18/2020 | Mail on Sunday
    A Personal Finance article on April 21 said the corporate finance adviser Barton Brown had approved an information memorandum for a failed MJS Capital bond. We have been asked to make clear that the.
    1.1K views madalina09
  • Mail Online | 8/2/2018 | Daily Mail Reporter
    An article on August 2 2018 claimed that Interpal, a charity supporting Palestinians, funded a ‘hate festival’ in which children acted out the murder of Jews. In fact, while Interpal donated to the...
    243 views princessmary1234
  • Mail Online | 4/26/2019 | Mailonline
    An article dated 15 August claimed that Interpal, a charity supporting Palestinians, funded a ‘hate festival’ in which children acted out the murder of Jews. In fact, while Interpal donated to the...
    172 views brunodeuce44
  • Mail Online | 4/23/2019 | Mailonline
    An article dated 4 February and headed “Pictured: Man and two women arrested over the death of Irish drug dealer ‘killed over love-triangle feud’ in Spain” identified Natalie Parbodee as an...
    156 views Claw987
  • Mail Online | 4/19/2019 | Mailonline
    An article published on 29 March said that Wayne and Gillian Phillips and Neal and Meg Sussman were suing their 80-year-old neighbour in Hampstead over claims that trees in her garden had damaged...
    437 views kimberly163
  • Mail Online | 4/18/2019 | Mailonline
    An article dated 16 October reported that Russian detective Yevgeniya Shishkina had been investigating an alleged rail ticket racket linked to Andrey Yakunin at the time of her murder.
    368 views bungienet
  • Mail Online | 4/16/2019 | Mailonline
    Articles of 22 October 2018 and 28 January 2019 may have suggested that Camilla Austin was knowingly involved in a £13.7m pension scam run by her father. In fact, while Ms Austin was...
    345 views jenny124124
  • Mail Online | 4/13/2019 | Mail on Sunday
    All our journalists observe the Editors’ Code of Practice and the Mail is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). We aim to correct any errors as promptly as possible.
    1.4K views Sugar12

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