• WIRED | 5/19/2018 | Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
    Star Trek is one of the most openly liberal TV shows of all time, so it’s no suprrise that it appeals to liberals like political commentator Ana Marie Cox. “The original Star Trek universe, for its...
    690 views ali11
  • The American Conservative | 11/6/2012 | Staff
    One of the odder aspects of present-day politics is the assumption that if you are antiwar you are on the left, and if you are conservative you are “pro-war.” Like labelling conservative states red...
    618 views hey13
  • Eidos | 4/30/2018 | Staff
    If over forty percent of Americans support the President*, why wouldn’t we anticipate a large number of celebrities to cater to them? Wouldn’t this be particularly true in comedy which is often done...
    193 views InLove4567

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