• SheLoves Magazine | 10/19/2017 | Holly Grantham
    When did I stop burning? born? Burning When did I stop burning? Holly is a wife, very relaxed homeschooling mom of three boys, snapper of photos, coming of age writer and a soul drowning in grace.
    203 views jesse456
  • SheLoves Magazine | 10/16/2017 | sheloves
    I sat in my seat at church and began to write a prayer that said, “I thought I was okay. But I’m not. I really need your people, Lord.” For the last nine months we have been attending a new church...
    607 views darktm22
  • TheHill | 10/15/2017 | Jacqueline Thomsen
    President Trump headed to his golf course in Virginia with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) Sunday morning, according to multiple reports. Trump departed the White House just after 10:00 a.m.
    937 views EGFZE
  • SheLoves Magazine | 10/12/2017 | Diana Trautwein
    I love lights, especially strings of lights. I have four long strings, composed of large globes in three colors, strung across the arbor outside the back of our home. Every day at about 5:00 p.m.
    386 views acegabriellaace
  • SheLoves Magazine | 10/11/2017 | sheloves
    September arrived, and with it a force of black-white-and-yellow striped caterpillars emerged among the garden’s dill. We chose a plump specimen, and we put her into a butterfly house that we placed...
  • WSJ | 10/11/2017 | Alina Dizik
    When Annabel Samimy, 47, agreed to visit a dance club with friends she wasn’t sure she could keep up with the 20-somethings. Luckily, she didn’t have to. Retroclubnyc’s throwback theme—Long Island...
    766 views itsdonaldk
  • SheLoves Magazine | 10/9/2017 | Kathy Escobar
    What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. Jackie DeShannon belted out those words decades ago but they still ring so true.
    280 views iVchan
  • SheLoves Magazine | 10/8/2017 | sheloves
    They arrived unannounced and uninvited. We were making preparations for hurricane Irma. And then they just showed up. “We have nowhere to go,” they said. Friends - Family - Members - Acquaintances -...
    952 views ajoy26
  • SheLoves Magazine | 10/5/2017 | sheloves
    I was still young when I learned of the fire. As early as I can remember. I asked for the fire; Light - Warmth This light, this warmth, surrounded me; I asked, and I received, and I burned.
    539 views hi09
  • SheLoves Magazine | 10/4/2017 | sheloves
    Every Tuesday morning in Nashville, TN, a group of women gathered in an old, poorly-insulated house on Music Row. We stumbled in with bedhead and morning breath, burned our mouths on the coffee...
    152 views tiffcourt011
  • SheLoves Magazine | 10/2/2017 | sheloves
    As we wade through mud, the soggy earth squelches over the toes of my pink boots and sucks at the rubber soles. Corn ripens in the nearby maze, and the smell of hay and manure mingle with the fresh...
    243 views Pink_sakuragirl
  • SheLoves Magazine | 9/28/2017 | Liana Norheim
    I’m sitting down to write this discussion post to the gentle whir of the washing machine. The thunder of my son’s turbo crawling is absent. Dad is on duty and while they are away eyeing treasures at...
    376 views adele2234
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