• Leithart | 11/16/2017 | Staff
    Children have a high profile already in the Hebrew Bible. Jesus raises the stakes immeasurably. He is the Word made flesh, Word made baby. God speaks His eternal Word in infant flesh, child flesh,...
    331 views idkwatitis
  • Leithart | 11/15/2017 | Staff
    God created man male and female, blessed them, and commanded them to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth (Genesis 1:28-29). Procreation is one of the most basic vocations of human beings.
    343 views hubbog
  • Leithart | 11/14/2017 | Staff
    Judith Gundry’s contribution to The Child in the Bible examines the place of children in Mark’s gospel, with particular focus on the episode of Jesus blessing the children.
    539 views rach-rach
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